1. Principles

Mandarin Garden (MG) operates under a set of principles to ensure that MG has a good internal complaints handling process. These principles are that the policy and process should be accessible, fair, flexible, confidential, clear, and timely. Complaints that arise through this process will be monitored and there will be mechanisms in place to apply any lessons that have been learned from the complaint. The staff dealing with the complaints process will have the necessary authority and management support to carry out the process effectively. The people involved in responding to, investigating or adjudicating upon complaints or appeals must do so impartially, and must not act in any manner in which they have a material interest or in which there may be any potential conflict of interest. It is essential that complainants recognize that the system is fair and impartial. Students making complaints will not be disadvantaged in their program of study, through lodging a complaint in good faith, regardless of the outcome of the complaint.

2. Scope and definitions

A “complaint” is defined as any specific concern you have about the provision of your program of study or related service. This procedure applies to:

- complaints from MG registered students

- complaints related to MG faculty and teaching provided

- complaints related to any other service provided by MG

Students should lodge their complaint in writing within five working days of the incident complained of, or the matter may not be heard unless the student is able to demonstrate extenuating circumstances.

3. Informal stage

Complaints should be raised firstly with those directly involved, this means, that any complaints should first be taken up with the student’s Course Consultant. Such action can often result in a speedy resolution of the matter without the need for formal proceedings. Students are encouraged to use these options. Only if complaints are not satisfactorily resolved at the informal stage should they proceed to the formal stages.

4. Formal stage

All complaints that proceed to the formal stage, and beyond, will be dealt with on the basis of written submissions. All complaints will be acknowledged within five working days of receipt and complainants advised as to how their complaint will be handled and by whom. Complaints are usually best resolved as close to source as possible, therefore there will be a presumption towards resolving complaints at a local level. In certain circumstances, it may be appropriate to resolve complaints by speaking directly or by telephone with the complainant.

5. Contact person