Mandarin Garden Global Alliance Program

Mandarin Garden Global Alliance Program, an innovative cooperation with worldwide propagation organizations of Chinese language and Chinese culture, is also an attempt to make Mandarin Garden as the top international brand in Chinese language education. Mandarin Garden engages in cultural transmission, popularization of Chinese language, overseas assignment of qualified international mandarin teachers, with an aim to enhance global competence of Mandarin Gardens partners.  

With the O 2 O model (Online to Offline), Global Alliance Program can be able to standardize the level of teaching techniques, and localize the marketing, services and management to students at the same time. With the combination of rich marketing experience, unique teaching experience, professional teaching human resource and modern Internet technology, Mandarin Garden is bringing our partners a high growth by maximizing profit at a low cost.   

How to become Mandarin Garden Global Alliance partner?

1. Overseas organizations and individuals willing to promote Chinese language and culture

2. Agree to run business with co-branding strategy

3. Agree to independently run business and take risks

4. Be able to provide teaching & learning environmentincluding place and equipment

5. Accept of Multiple Teaching System

6. Accept of all teaching Standards of Mandarin Garden

As the lead of global Chinese language & culture training and transmission, Mandarin Garden has independently completed the R&D of global Chinese online interactive platform. Mandarin Garden has launched the Global Alliance Program successfully! And we sincerely invite partners worldwide to join this cooperation!

So far, Mandarin Garden has built international partnership with hundreds of organizations and individuals, they are local Chinese Centers and language institutions from: USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, Germany, Italy, Finland, Australia, Dubai, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Kenya, Zambia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Mauritius, etc.

With a rapid development, Mandarin Garden has been gathering more and more outstanding international Chinese teachers, and bringing our partners worldwide more and more brilliant service and opportunities!

Global Alliance Center